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Welcome to our website. 

We are very happy that you are interested in the Merge Dance Collective. 
You can reach us at any time for booking inquiries or general questions via the contact form. 

We are in the process of restructuring the collective and look forward to informing you more concretely about the internal change soon. 


We would appreciate your support with a passive membership, the purchase of our MDC socks or a patronage contribution.
Dancing greetings,
Merge Dance Collective






Our MDC socks are still available. 
Send us an email with your name, address and the number of pairs of socks to

Do you want to stay informed?

MDC is sending out a newsletter once per month. You get infos about past and upcoming projects, announcements of events and gives you special insights.

Thank you!



Do you want to support us?

Sign up for a membership or become a sponsor.
Please sent us an email to mergedancecollective(at) if you are interested in a membership or you want to become a sponsor.

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- support once 

- amount of money depends on you
- invitation to the general assembly


- yearly support
- amount of money, at least 30 
- different categories of a membership

- invitation to the general assembly


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