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A couple in bed. They touch each other, they caress each other, they hug. They know each other well.

Many things are not talked about in a relationship, or can not be talked about. The "unsaid" is shown in the moment of togetherness. When tenderness is shared. Or is it just your own state being mirrored?
A duet which talks about dependency, balance of power, trust and desire in a sexual relationship.

Length: 15 minutes

Choreography: Arlette Dellers
Assistance: Pia Ringel
Dance: Arlette Dellers, Niki Anjes Stalder
Music: Claudius Leopold
Costume: Jordan Martinez Quintana, student at HEAD-Genève
Outside Eye: Alessandro Schiattarella


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26. November 2021 | Tanzfestival | Winterthur

Weitere Aufführungen:

18. März 2022 | Bestival, Gaskessel | Bern

17. September 2022 | lila.festival | Zürich 



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