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A piece about the variety interpersonal relationships

The quintet "beziehungsweise" is about relationships. Symbiotic and toxic relationships. Relationships with oneself and with others. To the mother, to friends, to the partner. Simultaneously. After all, a large network of relationships stretches over every person. There are branches, crossings and overlaps. Some relationships we break off, others we repair. Some relationships are hardly maintained, but remain throughout our lives. This dance piece addresses the diversity of relationships and the search for one's own role.

The dance piece is suitable for young people from 12 years and adults.

Length: 45 min

Choreography and dance: Niki Anjes Stalder, Franka Rosalie Feder, Arlette Dellers, Audrey Wagner, Hannah Juliane Steenbeck
Dramaturgical & choreographic accompaniment: Marie Alexis
Music: Theodor Diedenhofen
Costumes: Morris Manser
A co-production of the City of Winterthur and Theater am Gleis

Thanks to: POOL Raum für Kultur, Théâtre Sévelin, augenauf, Theaterpädagogik Winterthur.


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27. Oktober 2022 | Theater am Gleis | Winterthur 

Weitere Aufführungen: 

28./29. Oktober 2022 | Theater am Gleis | Winterthur 

8. November 2022 | Grabenhalle | St. Gallen 

10./11. November 2022 | Kulturhaus Helferei | Zürich 

16./17. Dezember | Tojo Theater | Bern 



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