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Der widerwillige Walzer

A quartet for tall and small

«Der widerwillige Walzer» is a search for the perfect dance partner. It's about the feeling you have, when forced to dance with someone you don't like: the partner, who dances off-beat, who is constantly looking at someone else, who doesn't want to give up the lead. Three women and one men are dancing through different music genres, always on the search for that perfect dance partner.

Length: 13 minutes

Choreography: Audrey Wagner
Dance (première): Denis Cvetkovic, Franka Feder, Giulia Esposito, Audrey Wagner
Further dancers: Ariana Qizmolli, Jenoe Marranchelli, Neil Höhener, Niki Stalder


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07. September 2019 | Kleinkunstrallye | Winterthur

Weitere Vorstellungen:
24./25. Oktober 2020 | Jungkunst | Winterthur
24./25. Oktober 2020 | Schnappschüsse | Theater am Gleis, Winterthur
07. März 2020 | Löwenarena | Sommeri
22. September 2019 | museum schaffen | Winterthur
20. September 2019 | Sternenschmiede Gala | Zürich



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