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Samstag 13. Mai 2023 | Tanzfest Winterthur | Archplatz Winterthur 

gemeinsam streiten

As long as we argue with each other, we are interested in each other

The dance piece «gemeinsam streiten»  presents the argument as the unifying element between people of different opinions and points to the importance of discourse, civility and dissent. In a modern democracy, the good lies in arguing with each other, because there are many ways how a good life and living together can look. As long as we argue, we are interested in each other. This mutual interest must be preserved.

Length: 12 min 

Choreography and concept: Linda Heller
Dance: Arlette Dellers, Elisa Pinos Serrano, Franka Rosalie Feder 
Production: Merge Dance Collective


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13. Mai 2023 | Tanzfest Winterthur | Archplatz, Winterthur



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