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Rat Race

«Immer mitmarschieren, sich profilieren und stets sein Bestes geben!» – Irie Revoltes

«Rat Race» talks about exessive demand in our western, political and social society. Exessive damand through the system and the daily aspiration of yourself and others. The social hamster wheel, which you are not able to get out of. The enactment of information overload plays a central topic within the piece.

Length: 15 minutes

Choreography: Niki Anjes Stalder and Franka Rosalie Feder
Dance: Jule Steenbeck, Audrey Wagner, Linda Heller


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04. Juli 2020 | Pop Up Dance Space | Winterhur

Weitere Vorstellungen:

07. September 2020 | Kleinkunstrallye | Winterthur



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