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RED (abendfüllendes Tanzstück)

A duet about self-portrayal on social media

The dance piece is aimed at people aged 12 and older who are on social media. The duet is about the controversy of authenticity on social media: What does it mean to be yourself today, in times where everything can be staged and optimized? What am I doing for myself and what for others? The humorous dance theater piece is accompanied by a Youtube tutorial about the perfect red lips.

Length: 60 minutes
There are also shorter versions of RED.

Choreography: Audrey Wagner, Linda Heller
Dance: Audrey Wagner, Linda Heller
Costume: Jamina Dervishaj
Outside-Eye: Sonia Rocha
Light Design: Raphael Vuilleumier
Technique: Jon Brunke
Graphic: Larissa Streule


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27. November 2021 | Tanzfestival Winterthur | Winterthur

Weitere Vorstellungen:

 7./8. Dezember 2021 | Grabenhalle | St. Gallen

8. September 2022 | Presswerk | Arbon

12. November 2022 | Kulturhaus Helferei | Zürich 

12. Mai 2023 | Theater am Gleis | Winterthur

21. November 2023 | Tanzfestival Winterthur | Winterthur



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